Daniel Hale, Pelosi's Wealth, Critical Race Theory, What It Means To Be Indian & more

No featured video this week. Big video on Critical Race Theory.

Good day friends.

What a weekend! I had a pretty fun show on Friday. Then I was in DC for close friend’s birthday, which was delightful. And I capped off the weekend by watching the premiere of Ted Lasso with one of my best friends, Zach Funk! So it was pretty good but I clearly fell behind on some things due to 8 and half hours of driving over 2 days. So here’s this week’s email!

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Tickets for LIVE shows are available now. Pittsburgh, Lansing, Detroit & Louisville are up right now! So if you’re in those cities come hangout. I’ve got some pretty great special guests lined up for the show!

This week I’m breaking down some false information about Critical Race Theory, updates on Daniel Hale, what it means to be an Indian person and much much more! By the way, you no longer need to make a Rokfin account to watch Rokfin videos! That’s a pretty big development! But you should definitely make an account because they’re way better than Youtube.


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Fork Full Of Noodles - Live & Virtual


#235 - Undaunting About Kashmir with Jen Jajeh

#236 - The Fear Around Critical Race Theory

Pelosi’s Wealth + Texas Attacks Civil Right & Education

Being Indian, Squatter’s Rights & Daniel Hale

All Taboo Table Talk!


Additional Videos

The Fear Around CRT!

Pelosi's Wealth & The Tech Industry!

Texas Removes Civil Rights From Schools

Do You Have To Be Hindu To Be Indian

Squatting As Activism

Daniel Hale's Sentence

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