Debunking Myths About Palestine, Vaccines For Xenophobia, Daniel Hale, The PRO Act & more!

A look at the history of Palestine and how Israel is using the media & its powerful lobby to spread myths about the region.

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This week we have a good range of topics from Israel/Palestine, the way America uses vaccines to spread xenophobia, more updates about Daniel Hale & much more! So lets dive into it!


Debunking Myths About Palestine

Here’s the full video about the history of Palestine and how Israel uses the media and the lobby to spread misinformation about the region!

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Fork Full Of Noodles - Live & Virtual


#238 - The War On Whistleblowers with Kevin Gosztola

Daniel Hale’s Sentence, Vaccine Imperialism & A Nerdy Review

NYPD Evicts Mutual Aid & the PRO Act!

All Taboo Table Talk!


Additional Videos

More Vaccine Imperialism

Daniel Hale's Sentence

Masters Of The Universe Review

NYPD Evicts Mutual Aid Group

Why Corporations Fear The PRO Act

August 1: The Funhouse At Mr. Smalls in Pittsburgh, PA. Opening for Off With Their Heads!

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