Israel Controls US Narratives, Misinformation About Cuba, Customs & Border Protection & more

The Israel Lobby uses fake protests and controls politicians and the media to be more favorable to Israel.

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I hope you’re having a good Sunday. A few little updates about my car. I’m in limbo and it’s very frustrating. The Credit Union won’t get back to me about my refinancing and there’s no movement from Citizens One. They haven’t sent me detailed statements - which was supposed to be sent to me 2 weeks ago - nor have they sent me this month’s statement either. My concern is the Citizens One is working behind the scenes to do something far more insidious than they already have…which I get is slightly paranoid, but based on precedent it’s not so far fetched. So there’s all that constantly running in the background of my mind.

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This week we have a bunch of videos on big topics! We’re diving more in how the Israel Lobby uses politicians and the media to smear Palestinian activists and the BDS movement. Plus a deep dive into the Customs & Border Protections agency which is worse than ICE! And a look at whats happening Cuba, Cornel West’s resignation, the Hindutva problem and so much more! So dive right in!


How Israel Controls US Narratives

The Israel Lobby uses politicians and corporate media to smear any anti-Israel message that points out its illegal occupation of Palestine. Plus they attack college activists using fake protests and has even gone as far as changing the definition of anti-semetism!

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Fork Full Of Noodles - Live & Virtual


#231 - Solidarity with Kashmir with Ifat Gazia

#232 - Customs & Border Protection Violates The Constitution

Cuba’s Protests, LAPD Blows Up A Neighborhood, Israel Detains A Doctor

Daniel Hale Is A Hero, Boycotting FritoLay & Cornel West’s Resignation

The Hindutva Problem & How The Military Doesn’t Get You Out Of Poverty

All Taboo Table Talk!


Additional Videos

Worse Than ICE!

Should We Teach Race In Schools

Cuba's Vaccines

LAPD Blows Up A POC Neighborhood

Israel Detains A Doctor

Daniel Hale Is A Hero!

Boycotting FritoLay

Cornel West Resigns From Harvard

The Military & Poverty

The Hindutva Problem


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