Line 3 Updates, US Criminalizes Socialism & Seizes Foreign Media Outlets, LGBTQ History & more!

The Biden Administration proves that they're a fascist government by seizing foreign media and criminalizing socialism!

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It’s been a super long week, but it’s been a good week. I want to thank everyone that comes out to my virtual shows! I’m going to keep doing them for sure but as things open up and live shows come back I’ll be shifting a wee bit of my focus to that. I’m writing a whole new Stand Up show that is sure to piss off a bunch of people and maybe get a few more death threats. (I’m kidding, but only slightly). I’ll announce my dates this coming week on my livestreams and then obviously I’ll have a new section here to get your tickets & such!

BUT! If you’re interested is seeing the very first iteration of that show then you should get tickets to the next virtual show, because I’m going to be working out the new show. And yes, it is going to be called “The Citizen Revolution”! SNAG YOUR TICKETS RIGHT NOW!

This week there’s a ton of news that likely to make y’all mad as hell because the Biden administration has criminalized Socialism and seized the websites of Iranian press outlets! Plus I also cover some hidden LGBTQ history and how pipeline construction increases sex trafficking in those regions! Let’s get right to it!


No Sleep On Campus!

This is a story about a crazy night I had in college! The conclusion of this story happens a few months after the incident and involves me defecating in my pants…Enjoy.

Not a video person? Here’s the audio version of the story!

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Fork Full Of Noodles - Live & Virtual


#229 - Fuck Up Loudly with Eleanor Goldfield

#230 - Soldiarity with Peru with Fiorella Isabel

Line 3 & Sex Trafficking + The History of Stonewall

Forgotten LGBTQ Activism + Working From Home

US Criminalizes Socialism & Seizes Foreign Media

All Taboo Table Talk!


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