Palestine's TRUE History, No Excuses To Keep Assange In Prison, Buffalo's Socialist Mayor & more!

We dive into the history of Palestine and the violence Israel has committed on the Palestinians!

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I know its Monday, but lets chalk this up to the America holiday of explosives & unnecessary nationalism. In reality its because today is the first day in the past week that I feel refreshed enough to get a full day’s worth of work in after Citizens One Bank illegally repossessed my car. It’s all fine now (kinda), I’m out $2k, but I have my car back. I’ll get into the details of this story in next week’s newsletter because it’s a doozy and I can’t be the only one that is likely going through this.

Today is a day of catching up from all the little things that I missed due to the incredible amount of stress I was under over the last week. BTW, a special thank you to my housemate Sarah, my friends Zach & Joanna, my sister & brother-in-law, Lee Camp & Eleanor Goldfield and the countless other people for being a positive force of support, emotionally & financially this past week!

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This week we’re diving into the history of Palestine & Israeli violence, more attacks on Socialism, and the biggest story of the week is that the Assange case is falling apart!


History Of Palestine!

If we look at the history of Palestine, it is also a history of Israeli violence on refugees trying to go home. This include Israel’s laws that call refugees infiltrators and laying mines to prevent Palestinians from coming back to their homes!

Not a video person? No worries, there’s an audio version of this as well!

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Fork Full Of Noodles - Live & Virtual


Mike Gravel, Assange Case Falls Apart & Socialism Trends

Assange Should Be Free, Florida Goes Fascist, Buffalo’s Socialist Mayor

All Taboo Table Talk!


Additional Videos

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Assange Can Be Free Today!

Florida's Fascist Education Laws

Does Buffalo Have A Socialist Mayor?

The Sacred Now - 2.15!


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