Proof Israel Is An Apartheid State, Teaching Race In School, Evictions Are Violence & more!

There's proof that Israel is an Apartheid State. They meet all the requirements and have also violated several International Laws & Articles Of The Geneva Conventions!

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So today I was going to include an essay/story about what’s going with my car, but there’s been a few developments that require me to pause how public I continue to make the situation. I’ll likely have the piece ready to share in next week’s email…hopefully with good news.

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This week’s video’s prove how Israel Is An Apartheid State, the controversy of teaching race in schools, the murder of Winston Smith, the eviction epidemic and much more! So lets dive in!


Israel Is An Apartheid State

There is a lot of evidence that Israel is an Apartheid State. From the international laws it has broken to writing Apartheid into LAW!

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Fork Full Of Noodles - Live & Virtual


#231 - Evictions Are Violence

#232 - Mental Health Check In

The Murder Of Winston Smith, Israel’s Annexations, Dems Bail On Med4All

Teaching Race In Schools, Assange’s Extradition Update, India Moves Troops!

All Taboo Table Talk!


Additional Videos

Evictions Are An Act Of Violence

The Murder Of Winston Smith

Israel Annexes West Jerusalem

Dems Bail On Med4All

Teaching Race In Class!

India Moves Troops To China Border

US To Push Extradition With No Evidence!


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