With the decision to attack Roe v. Wade, we have to realize this is par for the course when you have a corrupt judicial system!
From Julian Assange to Simone Biles, we're seeing a shift in how openly we discuss mental health in our society and in the mainstream.
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I'm burnt out so this is a good time for a break and work on some new projects.
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Tons of content to check out this week, from the issues with Democratic Party to why Herd Immunity won't work.
A look at the history of Palestine and how Israel is using the media & its powerful lobby to spread myths about the region.
Full show about Palestine, new Stand Up Comedy about citizenship & porn stores and live show dates!
No featured video this week. Big video on Critical Race Theory.
The Israel Lobby uses fake protests and controls politicians and the media to be more favorable to Israel.
There's proof that Israel is an Apartheid State. They meet all the requirements and have also violated several International Laws & Articles Of The Gen…
We dive into the history of Palestine and the violence Israel has committed on the Palestinians!